KWB Neck Protector

FR Neck Protector to provide protection underneath the helmet and hood area. Bridging the gaps between there and the wearers body suit. Made from Elasticated Proban Rib. Commonly available in Cobalt Blue.

Protal Snood

Slightly larger than the Neck protector providing a more snug protection. Available in Navy.

Nomex Hood

An excellent FR hood using Nomex 450. Providing complete comfort and Protection. Store out of sunlight. Availble in Natural Nomex 450

Chin Hood

Widely used FR hood. Constructed from Proban Loop fabric with an eyelet FR Proban Mesh to protect the mouth area. Available in Bleached White

Slit Eye Hood

FR KWB hood with a narrow eye aperture, providing almost full coverage to protect the face and head. Available in Cobalt Proban Rib

Goggle Eye

FR Goggle Hood providing 2 apertures only for the eyes allowing virtually full protection for the face and head. Double layer thickness with holes for safety glasses. Constructed from Nomex 450 (natural)

Thermal Helmet

FR Thermal Hood for insulating the inside of a helmet. With FR Velcro fastenings and an easy to open chin strap. Layers of fabric for keeping the insulation and comfort against the helmet. Constructed from Protal 1 Fleece and Proban Loop for durability